​Top 5 sustainable living resources roundup

​Top 5 sustainable living resources roundup

Posted by Katy Hancock on Dec 16, 2023

Find all the sustainable living resources at Lulu's Fashion Flair

Here at Lulu’s we love everything that contributes to a happier sustainable life. As an online purveyor of beautiful, preloved fashion and unique sustainably designed pieces, we are always looking for new life hacks to boost our sustainable credentials.

So, this blog is dedicated to our top 5 sustainable living resources – a compendium of what Lulu loves.

From reads to recipes, podcasts to life hacks, we hope you love our sustainable living resource roundup as much as we do.


1.  Feed your sustainable soul.

Love eating sustainably? Try to shop local and eat seasonally? Not always easy when buying on a budget and shopping to a deadline. Let’s face it supermarket shopping is easier and cheaper when you’re time poor, and the cost of living crisis is putting up food prices like avocados are going out of fashion.

Supermarket shopping might be a life hack, but it doesn’t feed the soul in the same way as a trip to your local grocers or farm shop. It’s not just the cost of carrots, it’s the businesses you build, the relationships you nurture and the gut-rich nutrients you harvest.

So, how can you level up your sustainable shopping without breaking the bank? Try using these resources to help you plan ahead.

Lulu’s loves:


2.  Podcasts to sustain you.

When life is so busy, keeping on top of the latest sustainable life hacks can be hard. So, we’ve selected some of our favourite listens to lighten the load – after all, living a sustainable life shouldn’t be a struggle.

Lulu loves:

  • Kestrel is a storyteller & “conscious style maven” who believes fashion + ethics can jive, and maybe even thrive together. Her podcast embodies everything we love at Lulu’s Fashion Flair – Listen here: Conscious Chatter.
  • This political podcast mixes hard hitting, documentary style episodes with first person stories all revolving around the climate crisis and the fashion industry’s role in tackling it. Listen here - Wardrobe Crisis (thewardrobecrisis.com).
  • We live in climactic times. Climactic tells the stories of the people making a difference in the face of climate crisis. Listen here - Easily listen to Climactic in your podcast app of choice (captivate.fm).


3.  Threads to make you feel good.

Followers of Lulu’s Fashion Flair already know how much we value sustainable fashion designers. We also know how the feel of fabrics on our skin can influence our wellbeing. Here’s our roundup of sustainable fashion fixes.

Lulu loves:


4.  Books to boost your sustainable living agenda.

Whether you’re an established eco-warrior or new to the notion, there are a wide range of resources to help you navigate your way to a greener lifestyle. Here are our favourite reads to help you on your way.

Lulu loves:

  • Environmental scientist, Kate Robert’s ‘Sustainability in Style’ blog. This blog focuses on the little steps we can individually take to a more sustainable future. This is not a one size fits all campaign, it’s bespoke to the reader and that’s why we love it. Read it here: Sustainability In Style | Sustainable living done your way
  • Image-led blog, Apple and Earth features exciting adventures in food growing, travel, food, nature and low impact living. We love this vicarious look at life in the slow lane. Check it out here: Applewood and Earth – Notes from a garden at the end of the world
  • With acrostic 'spells' by Robert Macfarlane and beautiful watercolour artwork by Jackie Morris, The Lost Words conjures back to glorious life some natural words fading from usage. Suitable for nature lovers small and big. Find out more here: The Lost Words (johnmuirtrust.org)


5.  Music to move sustainable mountains.

It may seem blindingly obvious that music can be a leading force for change, given the folk movement’s strong ties to climate action. However, some artists are taking their sustainable responsibilities more seriously than others.

Lulu loves:

  • Pink’s latest ‘Beautiful Trauma’ tour took their carbon footprint seriously and has just produced their impact report. Combined, they raised $130,000+ to support UNICEF, Planned Parenthood, and No Kid Hungry. They also eliminated 28,000+ single-use plastic water bottles at their shows. Read more about their achievements here: Beautiful Trauma Tour 2019 • REVERB
  • Billie Eilish’s 2020 tour purported to be one of the most environmentally friendly concert events of the decade. Banning single use bottles, championing recycling and influencing a younger generation of music fans, Eilish’s social media is a force for good. Find our more here: Home - Billie Eilish
  • Love music concerts, but don’t like their carbon footprint? REVERB uses the power of music to inspire millions of concert-goers to join together to tackle today’s most pressing environmental and social issues. They have created a new green music movement. Check out Reverb here: About Us • REVERB

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