About Us




Lulu’s Fashion Flair, based in sunny Sydney Australia, is your one-stop online sustainable fashion boutique created by fashion and nature lover Louise Napoletano (you can read more about her here: Lulu's Blog).

Built on a passion for our planet, and the goal of preserving its beauty for future generations, Lulu’s has curated a collection of secondhand, organic, fair-trade and eco-friendly clothing brands — making it easy to shop ethically without a second thought.

With a range of vintage and pre-loved clothing, plus sustainably crafted new garments, we offer everything eco-friendly fashion under one virtual roof.



Lulu’s believes in kindness above all else: kindness to people, the planet, and the creatures who inhabit it. We’ve extended this ethos to every item in our shop.

There are many ways to shop without harming the environment, whether purchasing pre-loved to reduce landfill waste, or buying from environmentally conscious collections.

We have curated the best of each eco-friendly method, ensuring the easiest in sustainable styling for your wardrobe. No more second guessing or stopping in your tracks to research each piece. The entire Lulu’s collection is guaranteed to be one hundred percent ethical and environmentally friendly.


Pre-Loved Fashion

Lulu’s planted its roots as an online thrift shop, and we are proud to have blossomed into a favourite for secondhand clothes online.

We feature a carefully curated collection of online thrift clothing, with each piece quality checked by hand to ensure it lasts in perfect condition for years to come.

Pre-loved clothing is our favourite way to keep waste out of landfills and reduce our carbon footprint. Check back often for new favourite preowned and vintage finds.


Sustainable Manufacturing

As more clothing brands hear the call for an earth-friendly clothing industry, we have been thrilled to add a range of brand new, sustainably crafted garments to the Lulu’s range.

Featuring the best in up-and-coming fashion labels, plus ethically Australian-made clothing, we source only the most stylish products, made with impeccable sustainability practices.

This carefully curated range makes it easy to shop earth-friendly fashion. Check back regularly as we continue to bring in new, exciting, and innovative sustainable fashion brands.